Sleepy Dog Jewels-- One of a Kind, Every time.

Beauty is an essential part of life. While each woman has her own beauty, the gift of jewels that mirror her beauty are greatly appreciated by most women. Anyone can purchase a necklace from a jewelry store in a local mall.

Unfortunately, every necklace in a store will be exactly like another one in the same store and other stores around the country. Finding unique pieces that mirror that woman you love used to mean expensive customization of standard jewelry.

Now there is an affordable alternative. All of the jewelry seen here is removed once it is sold and not posted again. Each piece is a one of a kind piece that cannot be duplicated or replicated. Each piece is hand made and lovely crafted to be completely unique, just like your special person.

What also makes Sleepy  Dog Jewels different than other jewelry companies is that Sleepy Dog Jewelry will also come to your house, and do jewelry parties in the Erie, Pa area. Those who host a jewelry party, receive 10% of the money that the party offers towards their purchase. If $500 dollars worth of sales occur at the party, a free piece of jewelry is available.